Thursday, March 25, 2010

30 days of ideas is winding down and 30 days of implementation is revving up

Well, the thirty days of ideas of the first follower party is winding down. Seven more to go. 

I'm getting excited about my thirty day portait project. I have make-up, a new camera, and ideas at the ready.

Do you want to play? Start a thirty day project of your own. Andrew is learning how to code just so he can execute his project. He has created a calendar type website where you can share your progress. He would love to launch the site with at least 100 people logging their progress every day. It will be fun, I promise. 

Come on creative people, that thirty days will just fly by. You know you want to.


See there? I even said please. shoot me an email at 30daycheryl (at) if you want to join the fun.

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